Danish or Italian?

This handsome Teak bookshelf with its Danish looks and style was actually made in Italy. It was designed by Italian architect and designer Franco Albini and manufactured by the Italian company Poggi. Although this mid century modern bookshelf has a minimalist aesthetic, the three vertical supports have an engineered appearance. Something one might expect from an architect who designed furniture. This is important since the unit is not a wall mount book shelf. It actually mounts to the ceiling and anchored to the floor. Now the bookshelf becomes a room divider allowing it to be accessed on both sides. Even the cabinets can be placed on either side, which really adds to the functionality.

The Danish look and elegant style is a fine example of the modern designed furniture Albini created. He also designed furniture for Knoll and Arflex. His pieces are fine examples of functional design and skilled Italian craftsmanship.

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