Lori Maclean, MFA
Artist | Painter

Artist Lori Maclean resides in Dallas, Texas. Upon completion of her BFA in painting at York University, Ontario Canada, she moved to Texas where she later completed her MFA in Painting at Texas Woman’s University. She is a full time working artist and also teaches as an adjunct professor in the Dallas area.

Artistic Statement
My paintings contain both figurative and abstract elements. The figurative element expresses internal and external relationships such as ignorance, enmeshment, and differentiating. The dynamic and emotional mood is expressed through other compositional elements. The mood may be based on a circus feel and magnify a sense of the superficial. The colors are intentionally chosen to amplify emotional mood. The painting surface, its depth and treatment, intensifies the composition’s attributes. Paint is used to express more than just the object, it is used to express movement and heightened emotional states. Varying perspectives within one composition are utilized to create a sense of movement and express a figure’s internal state for example a foot may projects outwards or recede away from the picture plan.

Griffin Trading visits Lori Maclean's studio

These artworks are original one-of-a-kind works by artist Lori Maclean. The artist is the sole author of the artwork and retains all copyright and reproduction rights. Artworks may not be reproduced by any process or medium, without the express written permission of the artist.